Fine Art

Nose to Nose

By: Louise Ellerington

Oil on canvas

100cm x 100cm


Louise Ellerington Fine Art Gallery

Original avaidable


Louise’s piece shows the intensity and competitiveness between two racing horses. The abstract background morphs the characteristics of a racecourse with the hues of green and browns, purposefully manipulated to create movement and to highlight the focal points: the horses. Here, the relationship between the horses is signified by the brief overlapping to emphasise their closeness .They are both rivals but also individual animals with a mutual aim- to achieve. The glare of both horses mirror the unity of their existence in the realms of the racecourse. The horse in the foreground communicates for a brief moment in the stare, which is channelled towards the viewer. The emotional communication is purposefully hard to decipher. We the viewer do not know if these horses are happy or sad whilst racing. There is almost a mechanical existence within this painting. What exists beyond this platform? A question that remains unanswerable to the viewer.